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O.M.G. Katherine Stone is here as a part of the Mama’s Comfort Camp 1st anniversary celebration.
This is like growing up an Eric Clapton fan and living to see the day were you get to have him play guest guitar on your album.  In other words, it is a dream come true to have one of my all times heros guest post here.
Katherine Stone (@postpartumprog) is the founder and publisher of Postpartum Progress, the world’s leading blog on postpartum depression, and founder of Postpartum Progress Inc., a national nonprofit focused on vastly improving support for women with PPD. She is also a parenting columnist for Disney’s Babble.com, a contributor to Huffington Post Parents, and she writes about vulnerability at the Fierce blog. In 2012, Katherine was named one of the fiercest women in America as part of More magazine’s annual Fierce List. She also was listed among the most influential mom bloggers in 2011 and 2012 by Babble, and has been selected as a Health Hero by WebMD. Katherine has been featured by CNN, the Huffington Post, Yahoo, AOL, PBS, The Today Show, HLN, ABC News and the Washington Post, among others.

Passing the mic to Katherine:


If you spend a lot of time on Pinterest, you might think all moms are perfect and everyone knows exactly what to do and does it with perfectly applied craft glue and extra glitter. I have a bit of a problem with the “presented and managed” view of motherhood.

I don’t know about you, but my motherhood doesn’t look anything like a lot of the photos on Instagram or Pinterest. I’m flying by the seat of my pants. I’m wondering how to get the ink tattoos my 7-year-old just drew all over her arm off without taking her skin off with it. I’m wondering why my kitchen smells like that. I’m wondering if anyone has fed the turtle recently. I’m trying to remember whether my husband was coming home from his business trip tonight or tomorrow night, and where the heck is he anyway? I’m thinking hey cool, it’s Spring Break next week and, OHMYGODZOMBIEAPOCALYPSE, it’s Spring Break next week.

I’m so grateful to be in the company of a lot of women who are just like me. Moms who are having the same thought process even if it’s about different things. Women wouldn’t even think of wearing the “Motherhood Expert” t-shirt. To have a place where you can be safe and be your real self is such an important thing. To have a tribe. To feel comfortable whining about some part of motherhood that’s driving you crazy without having someone say to you, “You should appreciate that you’re lucky to have children. I NEVER complain, because I recognize what a blessing they are. Clearly, you’re horrible.” And yes, people do that. Or they give you the side eye that says exactly the same thing without words.

I’m not sure what I would do without my army of mom friends on the internet. We laugh at each other. We cry with each other. We ask each other how we’re disciplining, why our kid won’t sleep through the night, what to do about that rash. We can celebrate our kids’ accomplishments with each other without worrying someone will be offended if their kid hasn’t accomplished the same thing. To be around a group of vulnerable, non-judgmental mothers and to have their support is a blessing I can’t begin to measure. Every mother needs and deserves to have at least one little slice of that available to them at all times. I know, without question, those friendships sustain me.

Yael, I wish you and everyone else at Mama’s Comfort Camp a very, very happy One Year Anniversary. There’s no doubt in my mind that your community is providing cherished support and camaraderie to each other. There is no way to measure, or limit, the kind of impact that has on the life of mothers. Congratulations!

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Katherine. For this post, and for your tireless work for mamas. You made such a difference in my life, I am forever grateful.

If you are new here, welcome! You are welcome to join us FB Mama’s Comfort Camp refueling station, it’s free and open to all mothers.

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12 Responses to A Slice of Comfort

  1. I love this. I love how Katherine so perfectly (as always) described the support we mamas give one another. And how important that is. And how amazing Yael’s MCC group is, too. :>

  2. I adore you both for helping me realize that there is no such thing as a “perfect” mom. Being able to be myself without judgement is so liberating.

  3. SOOOOO exciting to see you here Katherine. Thank you for writing such a beautiful piece that resonates exactly what this group is all about & how having support is so necessary even if your kids are marvellous human specimens & especially if they’re not! Thank you for gracing us here – it really is like Eric Clapton as Yael said in her intro!

    • Hey Yuz, I knew you’d get it…
      And my kids are the best kids ever, and so are yours…
      even when they drive us nuts.

  4. Yael has an amazing talent for creating a warm, supportive community. And I’m grateful that through the Mama’s Comfort Camp blog I found your blog, what an amazing resource.

    • oooh, thank you Lesli.
      And yes, be prepared to spend hours on PostpartumProgress.com, you’ll never run out of good stuff to read there.

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