Comfort Carnival to celebrate our 2nd birthday

We are so excited to offer a family carnival to celebrate our group’s 2nd birthday!
This is a real event, in the real world, not an online gathering.
Our headliner, John Simon is a walking comfort pill, you got to hear the man. In addition to John we have a wonderful lineup of performers of music and dance dedicated to bringing delight and comfort to body, soul, and heart. So please join us and bring your dancing shoes.

When: Sunday March 23, 2pm-6pm
Where: Ithaca Montessori School 12 Ascot Place, Ithaca, NY.

Headliner: JOHN SIMON

John Simon (of Read Along Song fame) will sing classic children’s songs and original music, including a world premier of a special song about a mother’s love. If you haven’t heard him before, you are in for a treat.

John and I will sing this song together, it’s a special song about a mother’s love. We wrote it together, it’s going to be the first time this song will be performed in front of a crowd:

More about John here:

John’s recent album is available here:

But wait, there’s more:

Kid-friendly chanting with me, Yael Saar  and Dennis Winge of Damodar Das Kirtan: Chanting is one of the easiest ways to activate happy hormones, a great self-soothing tool to give kids. This chanting is not a religious activity, it is a pleasure/love/joy shortcut to comfort.

More about Dennis and Kirtan here:

Children’s Yoga: Courtney Schroeder will teach a set of Little Buddhas Yoga: kid’s yoga through storytelling, children love her!
More info here:

Family Belly Dancing: Lital Dorchin will guide us through belly dancing in the old North African tradition: family friendly, non-sexy, a great workout and awesome emotional release. This works great even for parents wearing a baby in a carrier.
More about Lital here:

Singing Crystal Bowls: Jeff and Chris Gregory of Pyramid Wellness Center will offer a short performance of their singing crystal bowls: the most heavenly sound you (probably) never heard.
More about Jeff and Chris here:

And last but not least:

80’s+90’s music dance party!

Let’s impose our high school hits on our children! Come On Eileen, Where is My Mind, anything by Depeche Mode!

Please nominate beloved one-hit wonders and other favorites in the facebook page:
Yamila Fournier of WRFI Community Radio will DJ.


Even More Fun:

Arts and Crafts with Corinne Stern of FLOOF Collage Party!
A pop-up activity table with the Ithaca Children’s Garden.
Explore wonderful Montessori learning materials from the Ithaca Montessori School

More surprises in the works, stay tuned.


$10 per adult, $5 children 12 and under, $20 for the whole family.
Proceeds will go towards funding the programs offered by the Mama’s Comfort Camp support network of moms.

This event is family friendly but open to everyone in the community, kids optional.

PS: For those not familiar with Mama’s Comfort Camp:
We are a free support community online and in real life, where mamas release guilt and shame by normalizing the motherhood struggles and advocating self-kindness for moms. We focus on meeting needs rather than fulfilling expectations, and support is available 24/7/365.
We are hundreds of mothers from around the world connecting via a private facebook group to share the hard parts and celebrate the joys of the roller-coaster ride called motherhood. It’s a very a safe space, free from judgment, protected from unsolicited advice, and steeped with respect and kindness.
Mama’s Comfort Camp is open to ALL moms of kids of ANY age: from moms of newborns to grandmothers and every stage in between.
You can ask to join the group here:




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