My work is dedicated to my grandmother.
And my mother.
And my second mother.

My Grandmother: Esther Goldfus

She lives in Israel, and she is an amazing woman.
One of the smartest people you will ever meet, she is still sharp as a scalpel at over 80 years old. She is a holocaust survivor who made a good life for herself and her family in Israel.
A lifelong educator.
An Artist.
A charming fire-cracker of a woman.

She had a preschool that educated two generations of children. Some of them are still in touch with her. She founded and lead the organization that supported preschool teachers in Israel. She still advocates for the weak and the lonely. These days she volunteers at a crisis hot-line for the elderly.

She taught me appreciation of the arts. She took me to museums, classical concerts, bought my art supplies. And gave me my most beautiful shoes. She still knits the most amazing sweaters and scarves. Portable hugs.

She is still a good friend and a confidant. She is amazing. Yes, I know I said that already. It bears repeating.
May she live long and continue to prosper and enrich my life.

My Mother: Mina Goldfus Daphna

She was a stunningly beautiful woman, inside and out.
A gentle soul, a musician, and a teacher.
She lost her life to postpartum depression when I was 6.
People who knew her told me a lot of wonderful things about her.
I remember her beauty and her love, and I mourn the fact that I will never really know her.
I know in my heart, that after she left, she took care of us from above by sending over the best woman she could find:

My Second Mother: Mati Daphna

If all step-mothers were this awesome, kids would ask to get a step-mom for their birthdays. More about her here.

– – –

This page wouldn’t be complete without mention of my father Zvi, my brother Ofer, my sister Ayelet, and my uncle Eli, I love you all and miss you so much (because I live in Ithaca, NY and they live in Israel). Sending love across the ocean.

And of course, to my rare gem of a husband — Gideon, and to my delicious two boys, who have to put up with a mother who spends so much of her time and energy supporting other families — with gratitude and love.