Goodies for you! Bathroom humor coloring pages

How often do you go to the bathroom as soon as you notice have to pee?

Right. Same here.

So we made these coloring pages for you. You can color them,  put them where you can see them, and give yourself permission to pause, and go pee, knowing that sisters from around the world are doing the same.

This is our gift to you, to celebrate the Mama’s Comfort Camp 3rd birthday on March 12 2015.
You’re welcome. Yes, we get it, bathroom humor for a 3rd birthday persent. Just about perfect.

Click on the images to get these lovely PDF printables.
The high quality image will open in a new window, print that page.



Enjoy Gopee the Guppy, and share pictures of your colored fishes on our facebook page.


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Are you in the Ithaca, NY area?

If this made you (not) pee your pants, please share this page with another mama who needs it.

Much love,

Yael and the Den Mothers

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