How Are The Parents?


What would community be like if instead of only asking: “How are the Children”, we also asked: “How are the Parents?”

After all, we can’t expect flowers to turn into fruit if we don’t water the roots.

Research (and common sense) show that when the needs of parents are met, the whole society thrives.
This important advocacy issue is the subject of a lighthearted interactive show that will take place during the Ithaca Commons Reopening Celebration, on Saturday August 29 at 2pm.

This program is a collaboration between Yael Saar, the Founder of Mama’s Comfort Camp, Ithaca’s largest mom’s network, John Simon, Ithaca’s beloved singer songwriter, and Diane Hamilton, a fantastic local children’s yoga teacher.

The show will (sing and) dance around many profound questions:

What if we focused on meeting needs rather than chase impossible expectations?

What if it was easy to ask for help and actually get it?

How can we Re-Village community?

How can we build organic support bridges between community members so that by doing things that are easy for us we could offer relief for others without adding stress to our own lives?

And how can people who are not currently raising children interact with families in ways that support and delight everyone involved?

And what do you know, we can ask these questions in a way that will keep grown-ups and children of all ages singing and clapping along.

So come join us!
We will have some delightful guests share songs and stories about things that bring the best out of all of us.
You can let us know you are coming on the Facebook event page right here:
(but this is a street performance, so no RSVP is required).

We will kick the show off with a FlashMob dance to the song: We Are Family! by Sister Sledge.

The moves are easy enough to learn on the spot, but you can get ahead of the game by learning the steps with these videos:

The whole dance:

Step by step:

We did this once before and it was a blast: This is what the Ithaca festival Flashmob looked like:

This will be great fun, and even more fun with you there. The Grand Reopening of the commons festivities will go strong all weekend long. come find us on the family stage on West MLK street on Saturday at 2pm.
Please share this invitation, your help spreading the word goes a long way.


PS: are you a member of our facebook group?
Mama’s Comfort Camp is a free and unique support forum. We are thousands of mothers from all around the world (over 1000 from the Ithaca area) connecting via this private facebook group to offer loving peer support online and mutual assistance locally. Together we normalize the challenges and celebrate the joys of this roller-coaster ride called motherhood, all in a safe space free from judgment, protected from unsolicited advice, and steeped with respect and kindness. In Ithaca we enjoy a vibrant and responsive network of local moms helping each other out. We hold free monthly support meetings, fun gatherings, and classes.
Free and open to moms of kids of ANY age: from moms of newborns to grandmothers and every stage in between.

You can ask to join the group at

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  3. Together we normalize the challenges and celebrate the joys of this roller-coaster ride called motherhood, all in a safe space free from judgment, protected from unsolicited advice, and steeped with respect and kindness

  4. The most widely recognized types of parents are moms, fathers, step-guardians, and grandparents. A mother is, “a lady in connection to a tyke or kids to whom she has given birth.” The degree to which it is socially acceptable for a parent to be associated with their offspring’s life changes from culture to culture.

  5. Together we standardize the difficulties and praise the delights of this crazy ride called parenthood, all in a sheltered space free from judgment, shielded from spontaneous counsel, and soaks with deference and generosity. In Ithaca, we appreciate a lively and responsive system of nearby mothers bailing each other out. We hold free month to month bolster gatherings, fun social affairs, and classes.

  6. I think kids owe their parents an attempt at civility and that is just about it. Every family experiences different things and becomes closer or farther apart because of them. You shouldn’t feel obligated to make sacrifices that are detrimental to your life to help your parents, but there is certainly nothing wrong with it. I didn’t have the best relationship with my parents growing up and only talked to them when I had to once I was out of the house, but since being gone all these years there is a lot that I can help them with and vice versa. I know this doesn’t really answer your question very well, but I think it depends on the family.

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