Meetings in Ithaca, NY

The Ithaca Mothers’ Support Group started as a PPD support group in Fall 2010, and expanded its scope to welcome all mothers struggling with any aspect of motherhood.

What: A bunch of moms (and some very cute babies) gathering in the same room at the same time, in real life!
Some have been diagnosed with PPD, others haven’t quite figured out what the heck is making their lives so hard. We struggle with guilt, feelings of inadequacy, sleep deprivation, and the big difference between expectations and reality in the mother-land. Drop in, ongoing, and absolutely free. Babys and toddlers welcome.

Why: Having the support system and the skills that we develop together is comforting for all women struggling with these issues, regardless of a diagnosis, or the age of their children. 

When: we usually meet on the 1st Thursday of each month, at 12:30pm.
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RSVP Pretty Please (RSVPPP! ;) this is important:
Planning on coming to the meeting? Good! I can’t wait to meet you. Now would you please let me know to expect you?
This helps me plan the group, and is also very useful in case of last minute cancelations: for snow days, sick days, and general shoot happens situations.
How this works: You can either leave a comment below or email  (yael at mamascomfortcamp dot com) or tweet (@yaelsaar) to let me know.
RSVP amnesty: if you RSVP and then life gets in the way, just let me know you can’t come after all, and it’s all good.

 The Women’s Opportunity Center: 315 North Tioga Street, just a block away from the downtown parking garage by the Ithaca Commons. Right around the corner from the Seneca Tioga Streets bus stop,easy, inexpensive parking at nearby municipal garages as seen on this map. The room is carpeted, and even has toys and kids’ books, score!
What’s it like? 
When they come into our should-free zone, mothers begin to breathe easier. The meetings involve sharing, skill building (kinder self-talk for all!), tears, tissues, laughter, serious stuff and some goofiness too. We sometimes include movement, the gentle, respecting-your-limits-and-your-body kind. And you never have to do anything that doesn’t feel 100% right. And whatever you feel like doing or saying is welcome and you are never judged. Silent retreating welcome, you don’t have to say anything if you’d rather just listen and absorb. In short, you get permission to be exactly where you are, and learn how to continue doing this when you go back to your everyday life.
Do you live within driving distance of Ithaca NY?
I hope so. Cause I’d absolutely love to meet you.
 And if you are not ready for meetings, please don’t feel bad about it, you’ll know when you are ready, until then, I hope you’ll join us on the facebook group.

– – –

Yael’s support group is great. She is understanding, compassionate and nonjudgmental. She’s been there, too. I love her attitude, her ability to point out what should be obvious (but we have too much going on to notice), and to infuse humor into topics that can be uncomfortable or painful. I appreciate Yael’s approach, especially the way she normalizes our motherhood struggles. It’s refreshing to be able to say to someone “I’m having a bad day” and for them to understand, to know when you’re just venting, and when you’re looking for suggestions. 
~ Tina  (6yo boy and 4yo girl), Ithaca, NY.

I wasn’t exactly depressed, so I wasn’t sure I should come to the Postpartum Depression support group, I was happy to see that I didn’t need to have a diagnosis to come. I was so sad and feeling guilty about how little patience I had for my three-year old in the wake of having a second child. I’m so glad I came! Yael’s suggestions helped me untangle my feelings and refine my expectations in a tender and yet frank way. She went above and beyond to helping me realize the whole weight wasn’t on my shoulders and I felt like I truly was able to breathe for the first time in weeks. If you feel guilty or sad, please don’t be embarrassed to ask for help. Get support before it gets bad. Often, that’s when it does the most good.

Marissa,  (3yo boy and a newborn girl), Ithaca, New York

Yael, thank you for providing this opportunity for connecting with other mothers who are having a hard time, this is so important. I find that I can be more compassionate with the other women than I am with myself. But experiencing my compassion for others helps me give compassion to myself.  I was concerned about bringing my baby with me, sometimes she fusses and I was worried that it would disturb the group. You made both of us feel so at ease, it hasn’t been a problem. I wish I had access to such support after I had my first child. I am grateful to have it now.

Meg  (2 girls)Ithaca, New York