Enchanting heart songs: 3rd annual Valentine’s Day Song Circle.

Can a song be sweeter than chocolate, last longer than a greeting card, and show more love than a dozen roses?

With Valentine’s day almost upon us, Mama’s Comfort Camp dares you to chant a love song. This doestn’e have to be instead of more tangible tokens of love, but it could very well be. It’s your call.


Click the triangle to play:


This song was written for my kids, but I have since sang it to my husband, and most recently, to myself, while looking in the mirror (tears). One cold Sunday in January, Angie Beeler the great came to my studio and together we recorded this song, with the hope that it would spread the simple, naked, essence of love, for Valentine’s Day, and beyond. (Angie is my friend,  mama to Pache (7) and Lydia (4). She is the spirit behind Music&Motion kids classes in ithaca, and I adore her  Www.mumotion.com.)

Please join us in song for the third year, as Mama’s Comfort Camp hosts a healing song circle for mothers and others, all around the world. This circle will not come together in person. We declare that anyone who sings this song with loving intention will be joining a sacred circle that is not bound by time and space. (If this is a bit woo for you, we see you, we love you, and you don’t have to believe this in order for this to work.)

And yes, this is a dare. Because it takes courage to sing a heartfelt song. 

And you can’t do this wrong! It’s utterly impossible. It’s okay if you just speak this. It’s okay if you just sing it in your minds ears, while silently gazing at your beloved, your child, or yourself.

This is magic. The song was handed to me by the power of song while I was walking in the woods. It showed up complete, words, lyrics, the whole package. I’m no musician, nor am I a singer. So when the creative spirit gifted me with this song, it asked me to share it with you. With everyone.

This is not about singing on key, this is not about having a perfect voice, it’s okay if you just whisper. Sing it to your child, to your beloved, to yourself, to anyone who will listen… to the wind….

You are loved, you ARE love.

Repeat after me:

Every time I see you my heart expands
and when you smile it leaps with joy
when you cry I want to wrap you in my arms
my love will follow you wherever you go.

Will you sing with me and the mothers and all the others?
Will you share this song?
Please. And thank you.

AT Mama’s Comfort Camp hundreds of mothers from around the world come together to an online re-fueling station, where we normalize the hard parts and celebrate the good parts of motherhood.
We are based in Ithaca NY, where we also have local support events and classes.
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This is the third year we invite the world to sing a song about love on Valentine’s Day. Take that, Hallmark!

In 2013, we sang traditional chants. You can listen to us singing them here:


And last year we sang this song about the power of love:

(With Stephanie Ortolano, my dear friend and one of the amazing Den Mothers who so lovingly moderate the Mama’s Comfort Camp.)

Power of Love Chant:

Lyrics and music by Yael Daphna Saar.

Oh mighty power of life, power of love
Thank you for returning my soul into my body
Thank you for another day under the sun
Thank you for those I love and those who love me

And when it’s hard I get to struggle
When it hurts I get to weep
When I despair I call for hope
It doesn’t mean that I am weak

I get to raise my voice in protest
Ask for what I want and what I need
I am the tree I am the forest
When I give myself permission to feel
I give myself permission to heal
(When we give ourselves permission to feel
We give ourselves permission to heal)

Oh mighty power of life, power of love
Thank you for returning my soul into my body
Thank you for another day under the sun
Thank you for those I love and those who love me

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