What happens when mothers are given a completely safe space to share their most vulnerable thoughts, needs, and fears?
What will be shared? What kind of support will be offered?

Mama’s Comfort Camp is a free and private facebook group that began in March 2012, as the brainchild of postpartum depression advocate Yael Daphna Saar of www.ppdtojoy.com. While PPD is naturally  a part of the territory, the focus of the group is not mental health related, rather, it’s about Self-Kindness, self-care, and everything that gets in the way. By August 2012,  in only a few short months, we became a responsive community of over 200 mothers from around the world, sharing deeply, talking about things few talk about anywhere else. Post topics range from utterly serious to totally hilarious, and with members from around the globe, support is available 24/7/365.  We can safely spill our guts, ask questions, ask for ideas and commiseration, while knowing that we will not be judged, and not be given unsolicited advice. We are a pool of resources, a bank of ideas, an ever filling reservoir of eyes and ears and shoulders and hugs.

What Campers are saying:

  • Sarah Price Murphy: I love this space. For me, MCC is a sounding board. I can check in when I am struggling and need to be lifted up. There is always a reminder thread to be mindful f even the small things that are going right. And on the days when nothing is going well, it is reassuring to hear that others have walked in these shoes and that x, y, or z might help turn the day around. :-)
  • Maggie Lee Boxey: I absolutely love this MCC-if a FB page can be “spirit-filled” this one for sure is. It’s a safe place, where it’s okay to come as you are- a place where mama’s love one another on this journey to whole-ness… thank you!
  • Bethany LeBlanc: Mama’s Comfort Camp is so positive, uplifting, full of joy, like a warm blanket …lots of moms encouraging, cheering you on, knowing your not alone. A light post. A safe place to let go of the facade.
  • Jaime Harker: For me, the thing I love most about MCC is that it’s such a positive, uplifting page. Sometimes what I need most, though I often don’t realize it, is to focus on the good–instead of the fact that I’m having a bad day or whatever. I find this page to be incredibly uplifting emotionally. I never leave this page feeling worse or the same as when I opened it.

Blessed Privacy: Mama’s Comfort Camp is set up as a closed facebook group: no one but the members can read posts. Nothing we write in the group can be seen on our regular FB walls or timelines, it’s not even visible in a google search. Which means you can relax because your boss, your mother in law, or your DH, all stay completely out of it.

Why facebook? Because it’s a free and simple way to set up a completely secure space.
And because so many of us already spend some of our screen time on Facebook, it’s just so convenient and easy on the mom.
And because anybody, even those who are not Facebook fans can join. Several members joined Facebook specifically so they can participate in this group. They don’t use Facebook for anything else.

It is a guilt-free space:
You don’t have to earn your spot, and comfort is not measured by how often you post: there are no expectations on your level of contribution and participation. Come to the group whenever you want to: often, rarely, your needs guide you, it’s all good. You are absolutely welcome to “silent retreat” : if you don’t want to post, you can still get a lot of comfort from just reading what other mamas are sharing. The essence of permission infuses what we do, and the group culture that developed is a thing of beauty, you can read all about it in our Group Culture and Gentle Guidelines page.

Credits:  I can’t imagine Mama’s Comfort Camp without the support of the Den Mothers.
And the beautiful logo was created by my friend Yael Sahar (yes, our last names are almost identical, we are both Israeli, Yael is the most common first name of our generation. My last name means storm, her last name means moon) the airplane illustration was created by Yael Sahar’s hubby: Shay Tzurim.

Much love,