Mother’s Day Rally for Moms’ Mental Health at Postpartum Progress

I am honored to be included in the  5th annual (FIFTH!!!) Mother’s Day Rally for Moms’ Mental Health at Postpartum Progress. Katherine Stone will feature 24 letters to new moms, one posted each hour on the hour, from great writers who understand the struggle of postpartum mood disorders.

This event is so moving: words of wisdom and inspiration that are as real as it gets. 

The Rally is hosted by Postpartum Progress, the most widely-read blog in the world on postpartum depression and other mental illnesses related to pregnancy and childbirth.

Schedule Sunday, May 12th in Eastern Standard Time (EST):
Midnight – Welcome message and Sarah Pinnix, Real Life @RealLifeSarah
1am – Lauren Hale, My Postpartum Voice @unxpctdblessing
2am – Miranda Wicker, Not Super Just Mom @notsuperjustmom
3am – Ana Clare Rouds
4am – Arja Lytle, Balance Body & Soul @BalanceBodySoul
5am – Yael Saar,  that’s me!
6am – Cristi Comes, Motherhood Unadorned @MotherUnadorned
7am – Robin Farr, Farewell Stranger @FarewellStrangr
8am – Jen Hajer, The Martha Project @TheNextMartha
9am – Lori Bollinger, I Can Grow People @ICanGrowPeople
10am – JD Bailey, Honest Mom@JDHonestMom
11am – Abby Berner
noon – Andrea Scher, Superhero Life @AndreaScher
1pm – Lori Garcia, Mommyfriend @Mommyfriend
2pm – Jane Roper, @janeroper
3pm – Katie L., Overflowing Brain
4pm – Jenna Rosener, Blogged Bliss @jennamariebee
5pm – Ninotchka Beavers, Twice Blessed @ninotchkab
6pm – Alison Parson, Ms. Moody Mommy
7pm – Jessica Cohen, Found the Marbles @FoundtheMarbles
8pm – Jaime Harker, James and Jax @jamesandjax
9pm – Kristen Chase, Motherhood Uncensored @thatkristen
10pm – Amber Koter-Puline, Beyond Postpartum @BeyondPPD
11pm – Jennifer Marshall, Bipolar Mom Life @BipolarMomLife
There are 7 Comfort Campers in this group: Lauren Hale, Miranda Wicker, Cristi Comes, Robin Farr, Ninotchka Beavers, Jaime Harker, and Amber Koter-Puline, they are all amazing writers, and I can’t wait to read their voices again, and I’m so looking forward to discovering writers I haven’t read before.
Multitude of gratitude to Katherine Stone for including me and for all of the work you do every Mother’s Day and  ALL YEAR ROUND for mothers and families.


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