The Self-Kindness Lab presents: Shelter From the Storm, bodymind skills for anxiety and hard feelings

The Self-Kindness Lab presents:

Shelter from the Storm:
Gentle bodymind skills for disarming anxiety, guilt, and other hard feelings, with tools for accessing grace under fire.

This is a four-hour afternoon retreat to support our anxious selves with curiosity, kindness, and practical bodymind tools for calming ourselves. We’ll learn how to respond in the moment as well as lay the foundations for internal support structures to make those moments shorter, fewer, and further between.

Sunday November 3rd 3:30pm-8:30pm, at Jillian’s Drawers on the Ithaca Commons.
We’ll break for dinner around 6, resume at 7, and end around 8:30pm.

The skills and tools: 

Catching yourself early: 
Learn how to identify triggers before they flare up, and how to prepare and fortify yourself when you recognize a triggering situation ahead.

Weaving your own Self-Talk Safety Net: 
How you talk to yourself at the onset of anxiety and other strong emotions is the difference between spiraling out of control or regaining your sure footing. Replacing the internal fear/shame/blame chatter can be so hard in the moment, so it serves us to to prepare for the onslaught in advance.
I’ll share a Treasury of Secure Thoughts gathered from years of exploration. These have worked for me and many others. You will get to pick and choose the words that help you breathe easier, and you’ll have them at your beck and call forever.

Loving yourself into change: 
Guilting and shaming yourself hasn’t worked so far, has it?
Loving yourself into change is a very important coping skill to learn. It is not only more pleasant, it’s far more effective. But it’s also counterintuitive in this culture and hence can be scary and quite subversive.
Together we will make it safe to take this road less traveled.

Finding your Pressure Release Valve: 
We’ll use the magical combination of acupressure and intentional breathing to let out emotional steam without scalding anyone.

Comfort Anchors: 
Learn simple self-soothing body holds that calm the fight-or-flight response.

Mood Shifters: 
Learn active moves that help you get away from the freakout zones.

Tapping into Comfort: 
Meridian Tapping is a method that allows you to access the healing and calming power already at your fingertips by gently tapping along the body’s meridians. This skill alone would make this workshop worth your while. Combine it with the Self-Talk Safety Net to access enormous relief.

There are multiple meridian tapping methods out there. I explored many, adapted them, and over time distilled my own version, which is more than the sum of its parts. I’ll share 3 variations: a quick one, an extra nourishing one, and a stealthy one.

Yael Saar, mother of two boys, Founder and Keeper of the Mama’s Comfort Camp.

Why you might want to listen to me:
My struggles with postpartum depression and anxiety led me through a journey of recovery and discovery in which I found my life’s calling: to teach the emotional coping skills that made everything better. I know how hard times can feel like dark caves, and I share skills that turn caves into tunnels, tunnels that can be crossed safely with the right candles and matches, flashlights and maps. These skills transformed my life, and I’m not that special, I’m convinced they can help you too.

JOYn us?

How much? You got options:
Buy online in advance:
$85 general admission.
$80 Spread the Love discount: share this events with friends, on facebook, other online options, or you know, tell them.
$75  Special price for mothers of multiples/moms of children with special needs.
At the door:
$100, if there are any spots left. Class size is limited to 12 participants.



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There are 12 spots in this class, and I’d love to see you there. But if this is not the right thing or not the right time, you can always come hang out with me (and close to a thousand amazing moms from all over the world) at the Mama’s Comfort Camp facebook refueling station:

This class offers coping skills and social support, this is not therapy nor medical advice of any kind, and should never be considered a substitute for qualified medical care.

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