The Self-Kindness Lab presents:

Shelter from the Storm

: Gentle bodymind skills for disarming anxiety, guilt, and other hard feelings, with tools for accessing grace under fire.


This is a four-hour afternoon retreat to support our anxious selves with curiosity, kindness, and practical bodymind tools for calming ourselves. We’ll learn how to respond in the moment as well as lay the foundations for internal support structures to make those moments shorter, fewer, and further between.

Sunday November 3rd 3:30pm-8:30pm, at Jillian’s Drawers on the Ithaca Commons.
We’ll break for dinner around 6, resume at 7, and end around 8:30pm.

The skills and tools: 

Catching yourself early: 
Learn how to identify triggers before they flare up, and how to prepare and fortify yourself when you recognize a triggering situation ahead.


– See more at: http://www.mamascomfortcamp.com/#sthash.rswpBnir.dpuf

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