The Self-Kindness Pause

I have a little something for you: a tool you could use to create a pocket of comfort for yourself. It comes with permission and encouragement to take a moment just for you.

I’m going to start with a question, and answer it with an invocation:


Self-care is hard. And it’s easy to feel guilty about not doing it, just as it is easy to feel guilty about taking the time to do it.

How about a few minutes of Self-Kindness? Can we start there?

What if we give ourselves permission to sit down for a few minutes to give our back a rest? What if you took a break from the to-do list for something as simple as consciously rubbing a lotion that smells delicious on your dry hands, while really taking the time to enjoy the act? Adding kind self-talk to match helps nourish our overextended minds and hearts.

Invoking Self Kindness for moms:

An invocation is a declaration of healing intention. You might call it a meditation, a prayer, or a blessing. The name doesn’t matter, it’s the intention that counts. This invocation includes ideas that helped change my self-talk from the self-judgment that leads to self-loathing, to gently meeting myself exactly where I am, on a path that helped me find healing and comfort.

I love to read this in community: we read this text at the beginning of every mother’s support meeting I lead once a month here in Ithaca, NY. The mothers in my groups tell me that they return to this text often, because they find it both comforting and empowering. I’m sharing this invocation here with you with the hope that it will help you create pockets of comfort for yourself whenever you need them.

So, here the invocation 3 ways: listen, read, or print, you decide.

Click the red triangle to play to the recording (just under 3 minutes long). Download using the button on the top right.
The recording includes a little introduction that invites you to add soothing touch. (The invocation itself starts at 1 minute and 26 seconds, next time you listen, you could  skip the intro by shifting the time slider to 1:26.)

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Read and print:
Right click on the image to download this poster to your computer, or just click on it to open a new page with the invocation poster set up as a printable high-rez PDF document:




And just in case the image isn’t showing on your device, here is the text straight up: 

The Invocation of Self-Kindness

I am a woman and a mother.
I nurture. I give to others with love.
I am learning how to nourish myself with love.

I give myself permission to feel all my emotions.
All my feelings are valid,
but the scary stories they tell are not necessarily true.
I am learning how to tell the difference.

I am learning how to outsmart perfectionism, 
how to disarm anxiety and depression, 
how to release shame and harvest guilt.

I have an internal source of light: 
I turn it on with awareness, intention, and loving attention. 
I am learning how to shine the light of my attention 
to illuminate the scary and the painful, 
I seek the treasures hiding in the dark.

When my inner critic shows up in my head, 
I invite the wise woman who lives in my body to come out and play. 
I teach the body and the mind how to dance together.

I invoke the essence of trust, playfulness, sisterhood and Self-Kindness.      
I invite these qualities to show up in my heart and in my life.

I am new at this. 
I’m taking baby steps and leaps of faith:                  
faith in myself and in the power of love.


Thank you for reading/listening/printing.
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May there be lots of Self-Kindness in your life.
With all the love in the world,


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  1. Dear Yael, Thank you so much for this, I think these tools work for all women, whether they are mothers on not.

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